A downloadable game for Windows

  • created by: phobos2077
  • version: pp1a
  • made between 2018 and 2019
  • engine: Unity


This is a game prototype I've made with the main goal to learn Unity game engine. I didn't have any grand vision or a concept for this game, except that I knew I wanted to make a top-down shooter with mouse aiming. When I came up with the idea to make a Battle City throwback the original plan was to make a very simple 3-level prototype with level style and gameplay close to the original game. I planned to finish it by September 2018... Well, that didn't happen. After 6 month hiatus I finally picked it up and gragged it to it's current state.

My current goal is to gather some feedback while I take a step back and re-evaluate the whole concept (hence the "prototype" status). I have a few possible directions for this game in mind, possibly abandoning the whole "Tanks" thing and just using the knowledge, code and assets gained for the next project.


The game has 6 levels with a bit of variety in terms of objectives. There are 3 difficulty levels you can choose (though they don't change much, were added at the last moment to make the game more accessible). There is a movement style option in the Settings to use more "traditional" control scheme (Up is North instead of Forward) though I recommend giving the default scheme a shot as it gives you more precision.

If you lose all your lives - you will be thrown back to the main menu. However, there is a Level Select option for those who want to replay from a certain level. You have to beat a previous level to unlock the next one in this menu.


- Enough disk space for the unpacked game.
- Video card with Shader Model 3 support (for AO).
- Keyboard and a mouse.


Move with W, S, A, D. There are 2 movement schemes available:
- Tank controls (default)
- Modern controls (see in-game settings)

Aim with mouse (turret will aim at the cursor position). Fire Cannon = Left Mouse Button.
Use Item - Right Mouse Button.

There are two types of items available atm:
- Guided missiles (Key - 1): you have to hover mouse cursor over an enemy for half a second to lock on before you can fire.
- Land mines (Key - 2): they are placed at the current position of the tank.

Inventory contents can be seen on the right side of the screen. Currently selected item type will have a bigger icons.
To switch between inventory items press the appropriate number key for each item type (see above).

To win you have to complete all objectives listed in the top-right corner of the screen.

Install instructions

Extract zip archive and run TFG.exe.


TFG-pp1-a.zip 46 MB


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Good Old Golden days....Thanks for this remastered version of Battle City from 90's. Graphics and gameplay are cool. Here is the review of your game :) 


Wow, my first letsplay ever! Thank you!